The Best Mini Fridges with Freezers That are Actually Good

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Mini fridges are a handy way to store items in a convenient spot, and keep other peoples pesky hands off your goodies! But sometimes you need more than just a fridge, and you also need to freeze things too. The problem is, a lot of mini fridges either have very small, poor quality freezers, or no freezer at all.

I have done some research and found four great mini fridges that also have good quality, high capacity freezers. For most people, I would recommend the Costway Compact Refrigerator. If you want something a bit cheaper, check out the Galanz 2 Door Dorm Size Refrigerator. For reversible doors, check out the EdgeStar CRF321SS. Another option to consider is a convertible fridge/freezer like the EdgeStar CRF150SS-1, but keep in mind this can’t be used as a fridge and freezer at the same time.

Best Mini Fridges with Good Freezers

Many mini fridges have either poor quality or too small freezers, or even no freezer at all. I’ve scoured the reviews of the top rated mini fridges, and found four great units which include freezers that are actually useful.

Best Overall

1. Costway Compact Refrigerator

COSTWAY Compact Refrigerator, 3.2 cu ft. Unit 2-Door Mini Freezer Cooler Fridge with...

Unlike with many mini fridges, the freezer on the Costway Compact Refrigerator is not just a little compartment stuck on to the back of the fridge, but a real, separate freezer.

The fridge and freezer combined have a capacity of 3.2 cu. ft. This is quite large for a mini fridge and might be a little too big if you will only be storing a few drinks and snacks, but you have to consider that the freezers in the smaller units are usually quite poor. So if you want a decent freezer, you will need something of this size.

The freezer itself takes up 1.0 cu. ft. of the total 3.2 cu. ft. so there’s plenty of room for storing multiple frozen pizzas, ice cream, frozen meals, etc.

A lot of thought has clearly been put into the arrangement of this fridge. There is a bin at the bottom which is ideal for storing any fruit or veg, and the inside of the door has compartments for storing drinks and things like that. The main area of the fridge has a removable and adjustable glass shelf so you can configure the layout to store taller items. Overall, the layout is really efficient and allows you to store lots of things in a relatively small space.

There are a few downsides to this mini fridge though:

Firstly, it isn’t the quietest fridge in the world. For most people in most environments, the noise level isn’t really a problem, but a few people have found it to be an issue. This is especially true in quiet environments like an office, in which case you might want to consider an alternative. Absorption fridges are generally quieter than compressor fridges, but I was unable to find any absorption mini fridges that come with a freezer.

Another thing is the condensation from the freezer. A few users have found that condensation build up from the fridge will drip onto the top shelf. It would be a good idea to wipe it down regularly, or think carefully about which items you want to store on that shelf.

Finally, a small thing worth noting is that the doors are not reversible on this fridge.

But other than these few issues, you can’t really go wrong with this mini fridge if you also want a quality freezer at a good price.

  • Very spacious
  • 1.0 cu. ft. seperate freezer
  • Nice & efficient layout
  • Some issues with condensation dripping
  • Doors are non-reversible

Budget Pick

2. Galanz 2 Door Dorm Size Refrigerator

2 Door Dorm Size Refrigerator

In many ways, this fridge is similar to the Costway Compact Refrigerator. It has a capacity of 3.2 cu. ft. with a little under a third of that going to the freezer. It also has a true freezer with a separate door, and the layout inside is similar too.

However, at the time of writing, this unit was considerably cheaper than the Costway. The problem is, there aren’t many reviews for this mini fridge, and even fewer that go in-depth into the pros and cons. The reviews that are out there for this fridge are generally good, so it might be worth the gamble, but I wouldn’t be quite as comfortable with purchasing this one as I would with the Costway which has more in-depth reviews.

The pros of this fridge are basically the same as for the Costway. It is spacious and the layout means you can efficiently store lots of items. The freezer is spacious too, and it has it’s own door.

Unlike with the Costway, I didn’t find any complaints about condensation dripping on to the top shelf, but this could be simply because not many people have reviewed it. However, a few people had problems with the back of the fridge getting too cold due to being next to the freezer, so you might want to keep this in mind when storing your items. If you like really cold drinks, maybe place them at the back.

This mini fridge isn’t overly loud, but like all compressor fridges, it does make some noise. Also, the doors are non-reversible on this unit.

Overall, if you want something a little bit more budget-friendly, this is a great mini fridge to check out.

  • Low price
  • Very spacious
  • Separate freezer
  • Nice & efficient layout
  • Back of fridge can get a little too cold
  • Doors are non-reversible
  • Lack of in-depth reviews

With Reversible Door

3. EdgeStar CRF321SS

EdgeStar CRF321SS 3.1 Cu. Ft. Dorm Sized Energy Star Compact Fridge/Freezer

The EdgeStar CRF321SS is another mini fridge similar to the Costway Compact, although it has a slightly smaller capacity at 3.1 cu. ft. The layout is similar with two shelves (which can be removed) and a bin at the bottom of the fridge section. Both the fridge and freezer doors have compartments for storing things like drinks.

Like the previous fridges in our list, the EdgeStar is a compressor fridge so it does make some noise, but it isn’t too noisy for most people.

The difference between the EdgeStar and the Costway is that the EdgeStar has a few features that the Costway doesn’t have, but it is a more expensive fridge.

Firstly, it has reversible doors. This means you can set it up so the doors open either from the left or right. It can be very annoying having a perfect place to put the fridge, but the direction the doors open makes it really awkward to use. This feature prevents that.

Another feature is the automatic defrost in the fridge section. A problem with many mini fridges with freezers is that the back of the fridge gets too cold and frost will build up. This isn’t a problem with this fridge as the automatic defrost will take care of it.

The downside of these features is that the fridge costs a little bit more, but if the reversible doors will be useful to you, then it is definitely worth the extra cost.

  • Very spacious
  • Separate freezer
  • Nice & efficient layout
  • Reversible doors
  • Automatic fridge defrost
  • More expensive than alternatives

Convertible Fridge/Freezer

4. EdgeStar CRF150SS-1

EdgeStar 1.1 Cu. Ft. Convertible Refrigerator or Freezer w/Lock - Stainless Steel

The previous three mini fridges in our list are all around 3.2 cu. ft. which is quite large for a mini fridge, and you might need something a little smaller. Unfortunately, the freezers on most units smaller than these are tiny and not very good at all.

One option is to get a convertible fridge/freezer like this one. I know it won’t be suitable for most people, but I though it was worth including in case you won’t need both the fridge and freezer at the same time.

This unit is much smaller than the other three in our list at only 1.1 cu. ft. (In fact, it might even be too small for some.)

It has a lock feature too, which is great for keeping people away from your goodies. The lock isn’t very secure and could be opened by anyone with a bit of determination, but for keeping kids or work mates out, it does the job.

The door is reversible which is makes it easier to find a suitable place to keep it, whilst still having easy access.

Obviously, if you need a fridge and freezer at the same time, this fridge isn’t for you, but if you don’t, this is definitely one to consider.

  • More compact than alternatives
  • Reversible door
  • Has a lock
  • Can’t be used as fridge and freezer at the same time
  • Will be too small for some people

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