Best Mini Fridges for Storing Breast Milk

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When it comes to storing breast milk, mini fridges can come in really useful. They can be great for offices if you don’t fancy using a communal fridge (make sure there’s somewhere to plug it in and the boss allows it though). They can also be useful for your bedroom so you don’t have to keep going downstairs to the kitchen fridge. Before you purchase a fridge there are a few things to consider though.

Do You Need a Freezer?

If you want to use the mini fridge to freeze milk bags, you will need to purchase a mini fridge with a proper freezer. Quite a few models claim to have a freezer, but really it’s just an area of the fridge which gets a little bit colder. They aren’t good enough to safely freezer breast milk. Instead, you should look for a mini fridge with its own separate freezer section like the Costway Compact.

Long-Term or Short-Term Storing?

If you only need to store the milk for under 24 hours, you can make do with a thermoelectric cooler like the Coolio Electric Cooler and Warmer. However, if you need to store breast milk for longer than 24 hours, you will need a compressor fridge like either the Danby DAR017A2BDD or Costway Compact. This will allow you to store the milk up for up to 5 days.

The reason for this is that thermoelectic coolers don’t cool reliably. The temperature they can cool to is based on the outside temperature. This means they won’t get cool enough if the outside temperature is too warm. Whichever mini fridge you purchase, it’s a good idea to get a thermometer to keep track of the temperature (it should be around 39°F or 4°C for storing breast milk).

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Best Mini Fridges for Storing Breast Milk

Hopefully, you now have a good idea of how you will be using the mini fridge, and therefore, which type you will need. Now we will take a look at our top three recommendations.

For Long-Term Storing

1. Danby DAR017A2BDD

Danby Designer 1.7 cu. ft. Compact Refrigerator (DAR017A2BDD), Black

If you want to store the milk for longer than 24 hours, you will need a compressor fridge like the Danby DAR017A2BDD. We like this model because it’s nice and small at only 1.7 cu. ft., and you can set the temperature to 39°F (the recommended temperature for storing breast milk).

Some mini fridges have a smaller range and will be too cold even on the warmest setting. It’s relatively quiet and the door is reversible to help you find the perfect spot to keep it.

With Freezer

2. Costway Compact

COSTWAY Compact Refrigerator, 3.2 cu ft. Unit 2-Door Mini Freezer Cooler Fridge with...

If you would also like to freeze breast milk in your mini fridge, we recommend the Costway Compact. This mini fridge has a 2.2 cu. ft. fridge area and a separate 1 cu. ft. freezer. It’s fairly quiet and has a nice internal layout with shelving and a bin at the bottom. Unfortunately, this one doesn’t have reversible doors though.

For Short-Term Storing

3. Coolio Electric Cooler and Warmer

Cooluli Skin Care Mini Fridge for Bedroom - Car, Office Desk & Dorm Room - Portable 4L/6...

If you only need to store breast milk in the mini fridge for short periods of time, like when you’re travelling, a thermoelectric cooler like the Coolio is a good idea. It’s a cheaper option, and you can even power it with USB.

A cooler like this isn’t suitable for storing breast milk for longer than 24 hours though since they are not as reliable when it comes to temperature control.

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